immersionBOX is a powerful portable device that transforms any room into an interactive, immersive space full of sensory wonder


immersionBOX is a powerful portable device that transforms any room into an interactive, immersive space full of sensory wonder.

The Device

From conception to final product every aspect of immersionBOX has been meticulously designed and tested to the highest standards.


immersionBox is designed to address some of the learning challenges associated with autistic spectrum conditions – personalised for needs of users. Individuals or small groups can explore and improve social engagement, communication, collaboration, and coping with change through a calming immersive environment.

Main Features

  • Designed for 8 – 25 year olds with learning disabilities and autism
  • A box full of technology, with a single ON button for ease of use
  • Rich, varied and highly personalised interactive experiences
  • Portability means flexibility – schools no longer need a dedicated space
  • Personalised settings and user profile storage

Research & Development

  • Completed extensive trails with specialist school, Linkage College plus other trials in other primary schools
  • Research project undertaken by University of Lincoln
  • immersionBOX won funding through an innovation in educational technology contest

Who is immersionBOX for ?

  • SEN schools
  • Mainstream primary and secondary schools that have students with learning disabilities
  • Private households
  • Therapeutic facilities



  • immersionBOX has 4 apps that have been developed to date
  • Hardware and software is fully supported and upgradeable for all early adopters
  • Future apps can be downloaded easily
  • Your ideas can be incorporated into future development


Paint on the walls with your hands.
Brush strokes create sounds reflecting the user’s movement.
Use the touchscreen to play with different colours, backgrounds and painting styles.

Fish Tank

Stack boxes or whatever comes to hand to create a magical fish tank! Animated creatures will appear as the tank takes shape. Control their movement and behaviour by rearranging the blocks.


Push, throw, catch and manipulate beautiful glowing balls.
Use props, join hands with other users to catch more.
Each bounce creates a musical note, building to generate a soundscape.


Chase the Bubbles with your hands.
Touch them to create patterns of musical loops.
Use the touchscreen to personalise the visuals and sound.


Contact us to arrange a demo and experience the wonder and amazement of the immersionBOX first hand.

Early adopters get the opportunity to partner with us and feed into future developments.


Phone: +44 (0) 20 7099 6835



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